Wednesday, 23 October 2013

5 Things that have made me smile this week

I know its only Wednesday and all but I felt the urge to share with you all, the 5 things that have made me smile.

1. Frances Quinn winning Great British Bake Off - Yay well done Frances! Any one who know's me knows I'm obssessed with the Bake Off. It has sort of taken over my life for the last 2 months, not that those around me have complained. I keep getting into these little obbsessions with baking things... Any one want to set up a 'Post GBBO support baking club' with me to help get through the hard times?

2. My Showstopper cake for the GBBO final last night, I took inspiration from last year's winner John Whaite and made his Hell and Brimstone cake from his book. Post to follow.

3. Stumbling across these bad boys. Yes I will be making these and yes I will probably eat all of them, maybe bar one for my boyfriend, Ted.

4. Seeing my bessie for the first time in 3 weeks last night. Love her.

5. Walking down the street and all the incredible shades of orange that are falling and settling on the ground. I love Autumn (minus the rain) and the thought of fireworks, kicking piles of crunchy leaves, cosy nights in, hot chocolates, cooking stews and snuggling up in scrummily warm jumpers and coats, the exciting thought of snow and Christmas is only TWO MONTHS away. Yipeeeeee.

Oh and a cheeky number 6.

I mean just look at that. How can you not smile. (Picture from Pinterest)



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