Friday, 8 November 2013

It's Eggsellent Scrambled with Chorizo

I currently have a flared up wisdom tooth and so the whole left hand side of my jaw is in pain. My sister very kindly came to keep me company this afternoon. We wanted to make something for lunch that my sister and I could both eat. I needed something that didn't require much chewing and was easy to eat.

Scrambled eggs is one of my all time favourite easy Sunday suppers, it takes those blues away and gives you that little smile of happiness that only creamy scrambled eggs can bring. Perfect to help blow that achy pain away... well hopefully.

It really confuses me when people cook their eggs with milk, NO just NO. It makes them go all watery and hard. yuck. I like mine soft, creamy and golden. Butter is the magic ingredient here, one little knob of butter and it totally transforms your dish.

I had some chorizo chilling in my fridge, that crisps up like bacon. It adds a wonderful paprikary, garlicky punch to the dish. It is a beautiful combination that kind of wakes up the dish. I like to serve mine with some lightly grilled freshly cut tiger bread.

Take your eggs and pop them in to a jug and whisk up with some salt and pepper.

Heat a sauce pan over a medium heat and put in a good sized knob of butter and melt.

Meanwhile slice the chorizo and pop into a hot pan.

Slice the bread and pop into the toaster.

When your butter is melted pour in the egg mix and gently whisk until soft and creamy.

Generously butter your toast and pile on the eggs and chorizo.

Delicious with a splash of tabasco.

Also great for a quick weekend breakfast treat.



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