Wednesday, 13 November 2013

We had a Lobsterful Saturday of Fun

On the weekend my good friend Naomi came to stay from Edinburgh. So Anna and I took it upon ourselves to show her a good time. Unfortunately I was struck down with my blooming wisdom tooth so we had to rethink our plans. Whilst browsing on Twitter I saw that the yummy Burger and Lobster had just opened in Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge. Never one to pass up an excuse to go to Harvey Nics (amazing food hall) I suggested we met there- my reasoning that lobster was easy to chew!

Anna arrived before Naomi and I, so she had the joy of waiting for the table. We soon arrived and found Anna happily seated at our table and ready for some lobster action. The new branch of the chain is at the back of the Fifth Floor, you get greeted at the door and get handed a buzzer until your table is ready- I feel this happens a lot in London, what happened to the good old fashioned reservation? Any way I digress.

The menu is simple Lobster or Burger for £20. If you choose lobster you can have it in a brioche roll or whole. I went for whole and my friends went for the roll.

No one opted for the burger.... but when the lobster looks that good why would you?

My whole lobster came with garlic lemon butter- urrrmmm heaven, especially when you dip your chips in.

The lobster was yummy and soft, the chips crisp.

The girls then ordered pudding which was a chocolate panacotta and I had... hot water and salt (to rinse my mouth) GRIM!

Once we had had our fill of yummy lobster and chocolate, we had a browse round the food hall. I discovered Pizza Pilgrims and their little van. Now if you haven't heard of this street food extravaganza run by two brothers, I suggest you hop, skip and jump to either Harvey Nics or their new restaurant in Soho asap, best bloody pizza I have ever had. Try the Ndjua pizza, you will die its so good.

(sorry for the crappy photo)

After my bit of excitement, we continued our browsing...

Have you ever seen anything so big?

The amazing Meringue Girls- who knew meringues could be so pretty?

All in all a fab Saturday afternoon. 


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