Monday, 2 December 2013

Hawker House- A Street Feast

On Saturday night, some friends and I went to the ultimate foodie night market. Think hundreds of fellow food lovers under one roof all enjoying the delights of Street Food.

I have a lot of love for street food. Rediculously fresh and delicious 'fast food' for the most part under a tenner. you really can't go wrong. Every where you turn in/ look/ read in London is another street food vendor. This aint no greasy burger and cuppa tea van, this is where people go to experience incredible food without paying michelin prices. Different cuisines have become more available and nights like Street Feast you end up eating 5 or 6 amazing dishes, often different cuisines with a twist.

Hawker House is on for the next few Friday and Saturday's until Christmas. I urge you to go, go, go, it's just fab.

We rocked up to Hawker House at about 8pm and joined the queue.

Some classy queuing snacks and drinks.

After about 30 minutes we were finally allowed in and we went straight to Smokestak. They have their mean BBQ'ing/ Smokin' machine outside, just behind the queue. I tell you this just makes you want to get inside even more. Wow the smells...

Too excited to taste those Rib Tips (they were errrmazing!)

How cool is that cash register?

A paper bag full of juicy, smoky , sticky rib tips.

We decided the best way to tackle all the stalls was to split between the 4 of us. We were determined to try everything and weren't going to let our tummies defy us!

After our little taste of rib heaven we went to BOB's Lobster for a lobster roll. They have the coolest VW van that has been converted into a little kitchen.

This was really good and we all decided much better than Burger & Lobster. It even came with the most incred dill pickled gherkin. Pickle heaven!

Next it was onto Yum Bun and their fluffy pillows of pork.

Think a rich meaty pork filling with a yummy plum sauce served inside a soft steamed bun. So freaking good.

Next was so spicy jerk chicken wings from Mama's Jerk Station.

These were good, but wow they were spicy and defeated Anna. 

After a 20 minute break we then went to take down The Cooking Cooks Italian Kitchen and Rola Wala.

Not the greatest photo but this was really quite good- beetroot pasta with a gorgonzola sauce. Wow it was filling though. 

These beauties were mini naans topped with organic pulled pork or dahl, beetroot pickled onion, coriander, bombay mix, pickled cucumber and yogurt drizzle. I declared these my favourite of the night until....... 

We went to...

Here we had Chocolate, salted caramel ice cream and homemade marshmallow sundae. HOLY CRAPPERS. This was in- freeking- sane. 

Cutie Pie

I also had to try the Cherry and Praline ice-cream, which was fantastic. 

After about 3 hours of eating we fianlly crawled our way out, declaring how good the food had been.

This place is not to be missed. I have a feeling that they only have 2 weekends left but I really urge you to go. In the summer it is open air, but there was something really lovely about being inside. It has a really good energy about it. Like minded people enjoying, photographing and tweeting enjoying the almost festive atmosphere. 

I will be back! 

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