Tuesday, 25 February 2014

My Instagram Week #2

Well what a week it has been, a blur of eating out, a visit to Ikea, rugby and seeing some wonderful friends. First off I am so happy Scotland finally won a 6 Nations match. I know, I know it was only Italy BUT what an ending. Woo. I may have done a little leap of joy in the pub! What was meant to be a relatively quiet weekend turned out to be an extremely fun and spontaneous weekend of friends randomly being in London. I love that, when friends call you to say they are in town. 

Ted and I also had a very successful trip to Ikea and with my amazing *ahem* ok Ted's amazing DIY skills we have a totally transformed out bedroom, with light streaming in and no clutter. Happy Charlotte. 

Surrounding our rugby and Ikea visits, we ate some scrummy food at a local restaurant we always pass. If you are ever in the Shepherds Bush, Ravenscourt, Chiswick, Hammersmith area (ok so West) I urge you to visit The Oak W12, it is a sister to The Oak in Notting Hill and has the yummiest pizzas. 

Whilst we are talking about food, GO to Tommy's Burger Joint in Marylebone, holy mother of wow, best burger I've had in a loooong time. And all for the bargains price of £9.90 for a burger, chips and drink. BOOM. It was a good Friday. 

I have also decided I need to go to some sort of Brownie Anonymous as I just can't stop baking them. I get a craving mid week and that's it, brownies are in the oven, tempting me with their wicked ways, making me fat. Boo to the brownie. 

PrĂȘt kale crisps are officially gross (eat mine) || Love these little beauties || Venison stew with a baked potato, beyond yummy.

Officially my new favourite coffee shop || #Friday quote || Ermazing burger

I do love me a pickle I do || Sunday morning coffee happiness || Ikea DIYing

The beginnings of kale crisps || The end product (much better than Pret's) || Walnut brownies 

Yummy meat board at The Oak || #Ilovepizza || Mac and Cheese Monday

I am already excited to see what this week has laid out for me! 


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