Thursday, 30 October 2014

:: Spelt, Kale and Mushroom Risotto ::

This recipe started out intending to be a bit of an experiment that I would work on, leading me to a master recipe- much like my brownies or crumble recipe. However as soon as I had made it, I knew I had made a winning risotto and I just couldn't wait to share.

This is an insane mix of autumn favourites, the kind you crave on a day like today. The spelt lends a magical nutty flavour that just enhances the risotto. The mix of chestnut and porchini created a rich deep earthiness and the kale gives it a green punch, further deepening the earthy flavours. All in all I am pretty proud of this recipe.

I've added smokey pancetta because I love the meatiness it brings to the dish, but you could easily leave it out. The mushroom mix pack such a punch that it makes a wonderful vegetarian dish.

Recipe for 4 

:: 1 onion
:: 1 clove of garlic
:: 150g risotto rice
:: 150g quick cook farro- Italian Spelt ( I got mine from the Waitrose Love Life range)
:: Olive oil
:: Large glass of dry white wine
::150g smoked pancetta
:: 150g chopped chestnut mushrooms
:: 40g dried porcini mushrooms (soaked in some hot water for 10 mins, keep the water)
:: 500ml chicken stock
:: 10g butter
:: 1tbsp creme fraiche
:: 40g parmesan

// In a large shallow pan heat some olive oil and slowly sweat the onions and garlic until soft. Add the pancetta and gently cook.

// Add the rice and spelt and mix in the oniony, pancetta mix until well coated and glossy.

// Add the wine and leave to simmer for a few minutes.

// Meanwhile, soak the porcini mushrooms and then add all the mushrooms and the liquor from soaked mushrooms to the mix.

// Slowely add the chicken stock, until all absorbed.

// Add the kale and leave to soften.

// Add your knob of butter, creme fraiche and parmesan, and mix well. This will give you a gloriously glossy velvety, creamy risotto.

// Season well and serve into bowls.


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